Obito Quotes

Obito's Words To Kakashi

Minato talks to Obito Full English Dub

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Tobi Declares Fourth Great Ninja War The Akatsuki Tv

  1. Kushina, Rin, and Obito Wholesome Moment
  2. Sasuke showed Obito that he was leaving Akatsuki, English Dubbed [1080p]
  3. Madara’s speech
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Tobi Reaveals his Face Under the Mask to Kisame 🎭

  1. Cycle of Hatred [Epic Speech of Pain] [Subbed] HD
  2. Pain Words || Justice
  3. Sasuke's speech (Hatred)
  4. obito's most emotional speech!!!

Obito Uchiha Words Solitude

  1. Obito's Words To Kakashi || Nothing In My Heart [JAP]
  2. I got lost on the path of life - Obito Uchiha AMV
  3. If suffering did an anime character's English dub, it would voice Obito Uchiha
  4. Obito Uchiha Quotes | Obito Uchiha Words
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